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Restless Flags

9 September 2016

Restless Flags: a German Girl's StoryRestless Flags: a German Girl’s Story by Lilo Linke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
A jewel of a book. A great shame it has become so utterly obscure.

Writing in 1935, the author describes how it was for her growing up in Berlin. Her childhood was upended by the outbreak of World War One. After wartime privations came revolution, the breakdown of the middle class during the hyperinflation of 1923, the decay of the Weimar Republic, and the first year of Nazi rule.

Her goal, as she humbly put it, was “to show happenings as they reflected themselves in my immature mind”. So she does not attempt to provide factual background to the events and places she describes. This hardly matters since she is covering one of the most well-studied parts of modern history. The richness of the book comes from the charm and depth of her subjective insights into herself and her personal development and the nature and evolution of world around her.

The book is dedicated to Storm Jameson.

The book was also published under the alternative title Restless Days. See Kirkus Review description.

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